Come build a new way to discover and shop beauty with us

At Trendio, we spend countless hours curating the best products in every beauty category, often from up-and-coming, lesser-known brands. We consistently select products that help customers achieve their best self while meeting the highest bar in terms of ethical, sustainable, and equitable production.

We respect our customers’ time and invest heavily in technology that adapts the products we recommend and the content of every video to each customer, so that each of them sees the products and information they care about and nothing else. And we never carry inventory, so we have no incentive to sell through any product.

We partner with the most passionate creators to present those products on video, giving customers the best information they can get on every product, from a real person.


Life at Trendio

We crave for the start-up spirit. We are convinced that small teams are the most agile, responsive and efficient structure in order to deliver a great service.

Same goes with team-building. We walk the extra mile to help our workforce become part of the team. While team-work is key to our success, we nurture an autonomous work-culture where our employees are entitled to achieve goals and grow.

Work-life balance is a buzzword, but it is a priority at Trendio. We work hard, but we also know that our team needs time for family, friends and health. That’s why we keep reasonable and flexible schedules to fulfill our life outside work.

Finally, we are a group of people from very different places. From the West Coast, to the East Coast, to Spain, France and Croatia. And we find that diversity enriching and nurturing.

If any of all this seems appealing to you, join our team!