Scale your TikTok Shop and
video shopping business

Trendio uses proprietary video AI to optimize shopping videos and campaigns on TikTok Shop and other video shopping platforms

Official TikTok Shop Partner

Numbers breakdown

GenZ prefers video to text when researching products
Greater conversion from product details pages that feature video
Conversion impact from applying Trendio's AI video optimization technology
2x conversions

Shopping videos, AI-optimized for conversion

Trendio combines the latest technologies in natural language processing and image recognition with predictive behavior models to create optimized videos that maximize conversion

Assessment of video impact
+40% conversions
On PDPs with video
50+ billion

TikTok Shop scale

From reaching TikTok Shop's over 50 million users to maximizing conversion on your own website, Trendio will help you leverage your shopping videos across all the platforms that matter

$20 billion
GMV expected in 2024
Beauty & fashion
Top categories
Tiktok Shop YoY Growth
Integration in minutes

No coding required

Trendio’s Shopify and TikTok Shop integration tools will get you up and running in minutes, not days

Augment your video content with Trendio's creator network

Trendio will recruit creators on your behalf by optimally sourcing from the TikTok Shop Creator Marketplace, Trendio’s Upfluence integration and Trendio’s exclusive network of over 4,000 auditioned creators

Trusted by leading brands

Before and after Trendio

Variable quality
Content is undifferentiated
Small scale
Number of sales

Before Trendio

  • Small scale from video shopping
  • Variable quality content that is undifferentiated
  • Unreliable ROI
In sales & profit

With Trendio

  • TikTok Shop scale
  • High quality content that reflects your brand
  • Strong, predictable ROI

Scale your TikTok Shop and video shopping business